15+google Adsense approval tips in 2021.

15+google Adsense approval tips in 2021

Why is Google Adsense necessary?

Everyone wants to turn their passion into money. When we write quality articles and give their knowledge to the world through our website. Google Adsense gives us the option to turn our passion into money.

You can earn a decent amount of money through your website. For that, you have to put some advertisements on your website. And Google Adsense will pay you for every valid ad impression.

Every blogger wants Google Adsense approval. But nowadays it's become very tough. But Google Adsense approval is not very tough if you write unique and quality articles. So don't take tension Google Adsense doesn't want too much traffic for approval.

If you have a unique and quality article then Google will give you 100% approval.

But you should follow some guidelines for approval of Google Adsense.

Here are given some guidelines for google AdSense approval.

1. You should write unique and quality posts at least 15. To 20 posts

2. Use Google Adsense-friendly templates on your website.

3. Make all the important pages on your website and put them in the top and footer area of your website

Important pages mean -

Privacy policy Page.

Disclaimer page.

Terms and conditions Page.

Contact us page.

About us Page.

Sitemap page.

For making these pages you can use an online privacy policy generator, terms and condition generator, disclaimer generator, online tool.

If you do affiliate marketing then you have to add a page affiliate disclosure.

4.your article length should be at least 600 words minimum. If you write articles of  1000 then it will be very good for AdSense approval. Try to write long articles.

5.your website should not be about adult content, gambling content, or about piracy (software apk, movie website). 

6. Try to write articles on searchable topics

Otherwise, you can get low-value content error from Google Adsense

7. For knowing searchable topics you can use Google question hub.it is a very good tool to find that what are the searching topic in your niche.

You can use the Google ads keyword planner tool for free. Just signup on Google ads and go to the tool option, and select the keyword planner option, where you write any keyword and search, you will get many keywords related to your keyword and you can also see monthly search volume and keyword difficulty levels.

8. submit your website in Google search console .

How to submit your website in Google search console?

Simply search on google, Google search console, open the Google search console

Now click on the start button. Now you will get this type of interface.

How to submit your website in Google search console

Then paste your website URL in URL prefix and click on continue button

How to submit your website in Google search console

Now you have to confirm ownership. for this, you can select the HTML tag option and copy the code, open your website theme section, go to edit HTML and now paste the code below the head tag.

Now again come to the google search console hai click verify button. Now your ownership is confirmed. 

How to submit your website in Google search console

Go to property,Now next step submit your sitemap

For this you have to go to Google again search sitemap generator now paste your website URL in that sitemap generator website, you will get your sitemap. then copy ur sitemap

Now open your website and go to settings then click on google search console and paste your sitemap. 

Now again open Google search console on google now in the left side you see the options sitemap, click on it

Now in the blank space type /sitemap.xml

And submit. Now your site is submitted in the Google search console.

9. Link Google Analytics to your website 

10. your website should be index in Google.

11. At least 15 posts of your website should be index in Google.

12. For custom domain website should be 1 month old and 15+ articles 

13. For Blogspot website should be 3 months old or should have 30+ posts.

14. Your website posts should be plagiarism-free. There is a lot of tools available on the internet to check article plagiarism.

15. Your website should not have too many broken links.

16.  make internal linking in your website.

What is internal linking?

You don't know about internal linking. Don't take tension. I am telling you,

When you put a link in your article on any keyword which is the link to another article of your website, called internal linking.

When you put the link to another article of different websites is called external linking.

Regular update your articles, so that your website will be more reliable.

We hope that you understand every requirement for Adsense approval. If you have any problem then comment below. I will try to solve your problem.

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