Free tools for bloggers| tools for beginner bloggers

Free tools for bloggers| tools for beginner bloggers.

Hello everyone, if you are a beginner blogger. Then this article is for you.

Today I will suggest you  10+ free blogging tool for websites.

Free tools for bloggers| tools for beginner bloggers

We know blogging is not as easy as it seems. For writing articles you have to do a lot of research. You have to write unique and High-quality articles to rank your article on the first page of Google.

For writing high-quality articles and be successful in blogging, we need some tools. But today I will tell you about tools which are completely free. You don't need to pay for use.


When we write an article then we have to edit our articles several times. So we don't want to write our articles directly on the website. 

Then here are tips that you should write your article on a notepad which is easy to use. You can write articles on your mobile and after editing your whole article simply copy it and paste it on your website.

You can use keep notes for android phones.

It is a very easy-to-use app. You can also choose another notepad.

Photo maker

When we write an article we have to use photos in your article for making it attractive. Then for making a photo. You can use the Canva app or pixel lab app for android phones.

It is very easy to takes very little time to make a photo. And you can use different types of fonts, texts, styles, and colors.

Some Free photo maker name is given below



Keyword  research tool

For writing an article, we have to decide on topic keywords. And we want to see our keyword search volume and keyword difficulty. But most of the website is paid on the internet. So here is my suggestion that you should signup on Google ads. Simply go to the tool section then you will see the option keyword planner. Simply click on it. And search your keyword and you will find the idea of search volume, difficulty level, and related keywords.

This tool is completely free, Anyone can use it.  

Google question hub

When we write then we need to get an idea about the topic, then Google question hub is the best place where you can find what are people search for?. Simply type Google question hub on google and search it. And now sign in and start using Google question hub.

Google question hub is completely free, anyone can use this. 

Plagiarism checker

This is a very important tool for bloggers. Here you can see the uniqueness of your articles. It gives you an idea about how much plagiarism is present in your article. after checking this you can make your article completely unique.

We know if we want to monetize our website, then we should ony write unique article for Google Adsense approval.

There are many plagiarism checker websites available on the internet. So I am suggesting some sites below. In my opinion below websites is best for checking plagiarism.



Google drive

Everyone knows Google drive. It is a very famous tool for everyone. But bloggers, it is the most important tool. Sometimes we want to share some fine on our website then we need Google drive. Where we can upload our file and take the link of the file from Google drive and put it in posts. So that users can find that file, see and download it.

It is the best free tool for bloggers.

Here you can also use Google forms, Google quiz, and many more things.


When we write an article. If our mother tongue is not English, then there are chances of grammar mistakes. So we want some software which can identify our mistakes so that we can correct them.

Then Grammarly is the lifesaver software for us. This software can find your grammatical errors and also gives you suggestions. And it will also tell you your article is sound friendly, motivated,  optimistic, or formal.

Google analytics

Again this is the most important tool for bloggers. Bloggers can't survive without Google analytics. It gives complete details about traffic, traffic type, audience geo, audience device, audience age, and audiences how much average time spending on your articles.

Targeting an audience is the most important tool. This tool Is an amazing tool. 

Stock photos websites

Yes, I love this type of website. Because this type of website provides us free images for our website. Sometimes you write an article about any place, gadgets or city then you want to put photos of that place, gadgets or city. But you have not. Then these types of websites provide you with photos completely free.

Free stock photo website


PayPal account

Yes, a Paypal account is very important for bloggers. Sometimes we get offers for earning by sponsors' posts. 

Sometimes, we have to receive payments from other countries. then PayPal is the best option to receive or pay. It is very secure.

So don't worry about using it.


Quora is another best platform for us to know what are people searching for. Now Quora is also a big search engine. So don't ignore it for taking topic for your article. 

Here you can also answer the questions of people and also can give your article link in the answer. So it will boost your traffic.

Social media accounts

Yes, everyone has social accounts. But for bloggers, you must have Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts.

So here you can share your articles, and you can take traffic for your website.

I hope that you like this article, if I forget to mention some important tools for bloggers, then please comment below so that other readers can know about that tool.

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