ESESC podcast boosts the morale of students.

The ESESC (Edutainment Spoken English and Smart Classes) podcast boosts the morale of students.

ESESC podcast boosts the morale of students.
Recently, the renowned global educator, respected Dr. Madhavi Borse, provided guidance to the students. All the students engaged in fluent English conversations with renowned global educator Jeannie Rapstad ma'am, thanks to Madam's wonderful guidance and knowledge through the podcast. Tanisha Vijay, Spruha and Anushka Trigunayat were present during the podcast.

Student are now making even more progress by interacting with renowned teachers. Everyone can speak proficiently in English now, so don't waste any time and seize the opportunity.

Good English communication skills can unlock your academic excellence.

Learning English in an exciting way can help enhance your training and personality, which can prove essential in today's times.

The ESESC not only teaches students English but also boosts their confidence.
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